About APBio

AP Biosciences is a discovery stage biotherapeutic company developing new generation bi-specific antibodies for treatment of cancers that represent a significant burden to the society, patients, and their families.

What We Do

Over the last 20 years, the growth of biotherapeutic antibodies, has had a dramatic impact on many areas of medicine, including infectious, immune-mediated, and respiratory diseases, as well as hematology and oncology. APBio is currently developing fully-human,mono- and bi-specific antibodies with novel mechanisms of action to fulfill unmet medical needs.

Combining our integrated protein engineering and antibody technology, we have produced a portfolio of biotherapeutic leads & bi-specific antibodies to treat serious medical conditions with a primary clinical focus on oncology. With mechanism-based drug design focusing on disease-specific targets, we are aiming to provide patients with medicines that are safe, efficacious and cost-effective. We believe that the biotherapeutics developed this way will offer important clinical and economic advantages, making these protein drugs better choices for the patients.


We have currently generated several bi-specific antibodies, and established partnership with other companies for further development for some of them, including IBI302 currently in PI studies.

We’ll continue expanding our antibody products in oncology and immunology for in-house pipeline and development partners. In the meantime, we are also looking for collaboration on innovative targets, as well as promising antibodies for bi-specific development.

Board of Directors

Management Team